Fe'La iniko, born Milton Hasley III, is an American Rapper and Song Writer from Palmdale,Ca. He is also an Activist and Revolutionary for the people. He began his music career as a child only seven years old. Struggling with homelessness for 8+ years when he was 17, he overcame and became so motivated by his struggle that he put it into his craft. Teaching himself how to engineer music, how to photograph, how to market, and how to film, making him a one-man-army and a very popular figure in Los Angeles County

 Fe'La is still an independent artist and has recently released his Album , "REHAB" April 20th 2022 . He Also continues to stay Relevant with a 4-0 Rap Battling record and with the songs and creative videos.
         Fe'La believes his knowledge is growing and ambition to fight for the oppressed is growing. He Continues to evolve as an artist and is dedicated to fighting for people by implementing his concerns against capitalism and Racism. As well as making music for those struggling with everyday life.